Let’s Hope the Sequel is as Good as the Original

Look, we gave up expecting any awards for timely communication long ago, but this one is ridiculously late.  Anyway, here goes…

Funny story:  Sonya walks into a drug store…

Wait, let’s back up a minute.  It’s early December and Sonya’s parents are visiting from the US and we all are in Zurich when Sonya’s mother says she thinks Sonya is putting on a few pounds (yikes!) and asks if she might be pregnant.  After Sonya calms down a bit, I ever so carefully mention that she has gotten a bit more round, but that it happens to be all in one place.  Beer belly? 

Back in Basel, Sonya breaks from the office and gets a pregnancy test, takes it at work and viola, it is positive!  Step 2 – she goes to the clinic near her office for a second opinion and bam, confirmed!  Step 3 – we schedule an appointment with the doc that delivered Drake for the first ultrasound.  This is great.  We planned to start trying for a 2nd early this year so all is well.  Fast forward to the appointment just before Christmas, and to the ultrasound.  We expected to see a nice small clump of cells and maybe a heartbeat but were floored when we saw…  A FULLY FORMED BABY!  She was already 15 weeks along!  We got pregnant in September and didn’t know about it.  Why didn’t we know?  Ask Sonya, it involves breast feeding and other girl stuff.

Here’s the summary:

· #2 is on the way – Year of the dragon!

· Way past half way already – due June 4th

· It’s another boy! 

· We are thrilled


Anyway, that is the big news.  The small news is that we continue to enjoy cruising around Europe and living small-town life in Basel.  Drake is almost 15 months old and beyond being hilarious, he is quite the traveler (7 countries already).  Recent trips have included Lugano, Chamonix, Vienna, Zurich, Mallorca and more.  You can find photos here if you are interested: https://skydrive.live.com/?sc=photos&cid=dc7ebd00b8f9309b

Hope all is well with all of you and happy 2012!

Robert, Sonya & Drake


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