How I spent my winter holiday…

Hi all,
Not sure really how to explain this one, but my winter holiday consisted of a single trip from Hong Kong to Phoenix (xmas) to Antigua, Guatemala (wedding) to Innsbruck, Austria (New Years) to the Dolomites in Italy (skiing) and back to Hong Kong.  Death wish?  Maybe.  Love of flying?  Not anymore.  Stupidity?  Probably.  Fun?  Absolutely.
I’d like to especially thank my friends Mauricio and Nicole for planning their wedding between xmas and New Years in Guatemala of all places – great for the frequent flyer miles.  :)  Either way, Guatemala (and its lively volcano) became country number 32 for me and has now inspired a new goal: 40 by 40.  In other words, my new mission is to hit eight more countries in just 4 more years.  Next up is Sri Lanka and then India.  Look for the photos soon.
Especially interesting on this trip was the Dolomites in Italy.  I’ve skied a lot of places, but this wins the prize for "most beautiful" for sure.  Awesome – even beats Switzerland, Austria, and France.  If you want to see more photos, visit  Enjoy!