Arrival in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The adventure continues, and this time with my lovely fiancé in tow.  We landed in Buenos Aires this morning, headed straight for the apartment we rented in the Recoleta district, and immediately took a nap.  In fact, it was the first of two naps today, making it a good day indeed.  This is one of the first trips I have been on where jet lag is a good thing.  Everything happens late here so we need to sleep in and stay up late.  The average dinner time is around 11pm!

After nap #1, we headed out for lunch (at 3pm).  We stayed close in Recoleta by hitting a local craft market near the famous Recoleta cemetery.  As expected, our first meal was steak at an Argentinean Parilla (steak house).  This will be a common meal for us over the rest of this trip and we plan to take advantage.

After lunch with bought some groceries to stock the apartment before our friends Dominic & Gillian arrive (tomorrow morning) and then promptly commenced nap #2, which would take us all the way to dinner at 11pm at another steak house.  These people know their beef and we have barely gotten started.

It’s 2:30 am now so finally off to bed for the third time today.  I hope this trend continues…


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