3 Weeks In… Starting to Feel Like a Vacation

Ah, another slow day here in Delhi.  This has been a big trip and every day we get a chance to do very little is a blessing.  We started the morning with a trip to the Delhi Red Fort, not to be confused with the Agra Red Fort, which is near the Taj Mahal.  I have now been to both and would give the following overview:

  • The Delhi Red Fort is bigger, especially looking at it from the outside
  • The Agra Red Fort is way more interesting, especially on the inside

Most importantly, the rain that had been in Delhi since we arrived finally left us and it became, well…  HOT!!!  I nearly melted today.  It was as hot and humid as the Room to Read school visit in the hills of Nepal, except in the concrete jungle of Delhi.  Frighteningly hot.  Extremely hot.  Anyway… 

The fort was a bit boring compared to what we have seen so far.  From the outside it looks huge and intimidating, but once inside it becomes a much smaller place with only a few interesting buildings.  I only took about 10 photos, which says a lot given our photo progress to date.

We finished the fort a bit early so we walked down the street past a Jain temple (but not ‘the’ Jain temple, evidently) and Ty finally got a taste of real India.  Beggars, hawkers, crowds and heat.  Not to a level I have seen in my trips to Mumbai, but a good taste nonetheless.  

The rest of our day was spent having lunch at Connaught Place and then a long drive back to the house, where we proceeded to do nothing, the holy grail of vacation activity.  We even ordered delivery for dinner – more Murgh!

Tomorrow may be slow as well.  One can only hope.  :) 


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