Monkeys and Airports

Just a short post for today.  We spent our last evening in Nepal by walking to the Monkey Temple, a beautiful mountaintop temple overlooking Kathmandu.  It was raining slightly, but just enough to keep the dust to a minimum and to clear the air a bit, giving us our first good view of the city from above.  While it is a fairly dirty and polluted place overall, most of those thoughts fell away when seeing it all at once from the Monkey Temple.

The walk was about 30 minutes and it was good to get some exercise after we overdid it a bit with a huge meal of chicken curry and garlic naan.  Delicious, but we needed the walk.  Once you finally make it through the winding and muddy streets, over the river, and actually through the woods (no grandmother’s house, at least not one of mine), you have to climb an eternity of steps to reach the top of the temple.  For this, you are rewarded.  We arrived at dusk, plenty of time to see the city in natural light and monkeys crawling everywhere, but late enough to see hundreds of candles being lit around the stupa.  Overall, it was another great sight, especially given how many temples we have been to in the last few weeks.

Following the temple, we turned in early in order to make our 6:30am car to the airport (thanks again to our wonderful hosts at the Hotel Courtyard in Kathmandu).  After multiple searches of our backpacks, especially Ty for some reason (he is looking a bit shifty with that beard), we boarded our flight and I pretty-much slept all the way to Delhi.

We spent the afternoon eating wonderful Indian food and relaxing at Sonya’s friend Susan’s wonderful apartment in Delhi (thanks Susan!), building a plan for the next few days here.  We are off with our driver at 8am to see the city.  Stay tuned for more… 


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