Hot Pot with Howard and Kathy

Just got back from dinner with Howard and Kathy.  Like all of the meals before it, we had a great time and the food was excellent.  Good enough to share by video, but YouTube is blocked in China so we will try to add it when we get to another destination.

What also made the evening special and humorous was the loot we took home.  Somewhere early in the meal we mentioned how much we liked the popcorn or what they call the “Golden Bean.”  Howard mentioned this to the staff and they said we could take some with us (good news).  What started as a nice gesture turned into mayhem as they started bringing bags (one for each of us) of various foods we had through the meal, including spicy soup mix, shrimp crackers, Golden Bean, dried peas, and even two bags of Life Saver-like mints.  Somehow we became mini-celebrities and by the time we left we were even taking photos with the manager.

Thanks Howard and Kathy for another great evening! 


One thought on “Hot Pot with Howard and Kathy

  1. So you are still working at MS. Gosh I am so behind the times aren\’t I? Did you get married? What about your world tour? Sorry I dropped off the radar, life just gets busy. When are we doing a gig for the Media and entertainment division?Travel SafeAno

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