A Great Day in Hong Kong

Here’s a quick rundown of our day in HK:

  • Coffee and chat at Starbucks
  • Showered and out for the day
  • HK Tram from Happy Valley to Central
  • Walking around central and checking the sites
  • a GREAT dim sum lunch with Carine and Grace (my former colleagues)
  • A drink with our friend Mark Wales in Lan Kwai Fong
  • Checking out my former apartment and all the changes in HK over the last 6 months
  • Another coffee to try to stay awake, which I drank with enough speed to almost make me sick
  • A foot massage with Joanna at Happy Foot – always my favorite part of any visit.
  • A Nepalese food dinner at Annapurna in Soho (with Joanna and some friends)
  • Drinks at Boca with many of my HK friends, including a performance of Hound Dog by Melvis, a local Chinese Elvis impersonator
  • Barely making it home before collapsing after 30-some hours of almost no sleep
  • Now at breakfast before heading to the airport to Beijing!

More to follow!



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