Drive, Walk, Eat, Walk, Eat, Walk, Beer, Walk, Beer – Reykjavik, Iceland

We left the Snaefellsnes Peninsula this morning and headed South to Reykjavik.  It was a beautiful two-hour drive that included an amazing tunnel under one of the fjords.  This was our last full day in Iceland.

Getting to and around the capital is simple.  There are only ~200,000 people here and there is a well-defined center (which is where our hotel is).  Once the car was parked, we were on foot for the rest of the day, which was excellent (if you have read any of the others posts you will know we’ve reached our car quota for the year).

Here’s a quick rundown of our self-guided walking tour of Raykjavik:

  • Walking the main shopping street, Laugavegur (our hotel is on this street)
  • Walking by the harbor looking for lunch
  • Lunch at the famous Pylsubarinn (by accident), which serves Iceland’s famous hot dogs (it’s basically a stand).  Even a picture of Bill Clinton having one during his visit.  Touristy, but what the heck.
  • Walking to the “pond,” a large park near the center of town
  • Walking to the famous church, which of course was covered with scaffolding (I have yet to see a famous church in Europe without it)
  • Walking through the shopping district some more
  • Dinner at Vagamot, a great restaurant next to our hotel.  We both ordered seafood-centric dishes and soon realized we would be consuming a good percentage of the world’s seafood in one meal.  Did anyone notice a drop in the level of the ocean?  If so, it was our dinner being fished out.
  • Walking some more, or I should say waddling, to try to work off some of that dinner.  We promised ourselves some beer but there was no way it would fit quite yet.
  • Stopped at the Kaffibarinn for our first beer.  Strange place, but liked it.
  • Walked some more (we promised ourselves a 2nd beer but still no place to put it)
  • Finally walked enough to stop into a great cafe/bar with no name on it to fit in our final two small beers
  • Back to the hotel to collapse.

It was a great day, but it’s becoming clear that we are slowing down after a month on the road.  Relaxing is winning over most sights at this point, which is good.  Everyone should travel this way in my opinion.  Ty is in the middle of his 6th book in four weeks, I am in the middle of my 5th.

The next post should be from Seattle if all goes well.  Looking forward to being back!


One thought on “Drive, Walk, Eat, Walk, Eat, Walk, Beer, Walk, Beer – Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. This is a kind of trip I have dreamed of. I guess a long journey is approaching its final destination. Wish you last fun and safe trip back to Seattle. DY

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