Hot, hot, and hot, followed by rain…

Sitting at the Sunday Cafe in Wang Jing district of Beijing (with three friends from Beijing), following a very long and hot day of sightseeing.  Here’s the quick rundown:

  • Breakfast here at the Sunday Cafe – great place BTW
  • Taxi past my favorite building in Beijing (and scene of horrible fire) to the Grand Hyatt to grab a tourist map and then a short walk to Tiananmen Square
  • Lot’s of pictures, sweating, more pictures, more sweating, and huge crowds
  • Forbidden City – been multiple times but it is still amazing
  • Beihai Park – great temple overlooking Hou Hai Lake.  Lots of stairs, more sweating
  • Lunch at Hou Hai and then a long hot walk through Old Beijing / Hutong District
  • A huge rain storm while eating Szechuan food for dinner – this is great because it might help clear the air for our Great Wall trip tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

That’s it for now.  Taking tons of photos and video but haven’t had a chance to post more than the ones in these posts.  Maybe tomorrow night – it’s  11pm and we leave at 7:30am for the Great Wall.




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